With the support of an experienced Improved Reading trainer, all "webcoached" course participants improve their reading efficiency

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"webcoached" courses combine flexibility with success, delivering optimum results at excellent value for money

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The new trainer-supported online course from Improved Reading, the most successful reading efficiency training concept in the world.

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Read faster for your brain’s sake

The human brain can process between 800 and 1000 words a minute, yet we only read around 200 words per minute on average. In other words, we are only using 25% of our brain’s entire functional capacity. Improved Reading courses teach you new reading techniques that help you read faster and more efficiently.

Learn how to read more efficiently

Certified effective reading rate

Improved Reading courses are unique because they measure the participants’ reading rate before, during and after the course. Well over 20,000 participants in Germany have at least doubled their effective reading rate. Improved Reading’s certified Effective Reading Rate is a valuable career planning factor.

Get your effective reading rate certified

What distinguishes Improved Reading from other reading courses? Our USPs:

No “Diagonal Reading” and no “Speed Reading”: the focus is on reading the entire text
Scientifically proven and substantiated course content
Certified effective reading rate for precise documentation of progress
Streamlined courses: no idle time, designated breaks
Regular comprehension tests (eight in total)
Patented rate controller as training apparatus
Courses in German, English and five other languages
Free post-course support

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