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The most successful reading efficiency training concept in the world

Improved Reading is the market leader in adult reading courses for professionals and students. Our concept has been globally and continuously optimised over the last 40 years.

About Improved ReadingWhat makes Improved Reading so special is our compact, practice-oriented and logically structured training concept for eliminating the bad reading habits that people have been using for most of their lives. Instead of simply focusing on speed reading, it shows participants how reading at a faster rate also improves comprehension. The course exercises, some of which are performed with a special piece of apparatus, are designed for intensive eye movement training during the reading process.

The only global reading efficiency programme

Improved Reading is the only global organisation providing an academically sound and individually measurable reading efficiency programme both directly and via its licensed regional business partners. Universities and corporate enterprises in many countries around the globe have empirically analysed and confirmed the effectiveness of Improved Reading courses.

Why Improved Reading?

What distinguishes Improved Reading from other reading courses?
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With us you are in good company. There was no other reading training is reported more.
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Improved Reading owned by IISE

The international Improved Reading intellectual property (except North America, Australia and New Zealand) was owned by IISE Ltd. – International Institute of Social Economics with its Head Office in the UK. The Institute was founded by Professor Barrie O. Pettman and has provided its members with professional services since 1972. Professor Pettman holds numerous academic degrees and awards.

Wolfgang Schmitz, who had been developing business in Germany since 2001, established IISE Europe GmbH in 2011 and took over the intellectual property and franchise rights for Europe (except the United Kingdom), Middle East and North Africa. The main objectives of this company are to extend the international network and to support the existing licensees in their regions.

Improved Reading owned by IR Asia

Malcolm Stewart is the Managing Director of Improved Reading Asia.

Malcolm is responsible for all countries in the Asian Region and has been involved with Improved Reading since 2003.

As an engineer Malcolm’s view is simple, “it is critical for the ability to accurately measure a Participant’s improvement at the beginning and the end of the any training course for the training to be effective!

Improved reading can deliver this measurement!

Improved Reading Worldwide

Over the last 40 years, more than 3 million people have enhanced their reading efficiency with Improved Reading skills. Today, Improved Reading Skills Courses are held in different countries. Improved Reading Skills Courses are an integral aspect of human resource development policy at many multinational enterprises and have received extremely positive feedback from government departments and many reputed universities.
As a Improved Reading Licensee, you are part of a powerful, international organisation.

We offer comprehensive support to our Improved Reading Licensees. The Improved Reading marketing and administration tools are valuable aspects of your licence. You may also profit from international key accounts that have concluded training agreements with Improved Reading.

Improved Reading Germany

Wolfgang Schmitz, Peter Stonn
Burgstraße 81
65817 Eppstein
Phone +49 (0)6198 576060
Mail training@improved-reading.de
Wolfgang Schmitz introduced the successful Australian Improved Reading course in Germany in 2001. The German version was developed in 2002 on the basis of the scientifically proven English language concept.

Improved Reading Asia

Malcolm Stewart
Level 8, The Metropolis Tower 2
11 North Buona Vista Drive Unit #08-09
Phone +65 (0)6808 7797
Mail malcolm.stewart@improved-reading.asia
Malcolm Stewart is the Managing Director of Improved Reading Asia. He is responsible for all countries in the Asian Region and has been involved with Improved Reading since 2003.

Advanced Reading Skills North America

North American Pace Associates
Steven Rottinghaus–President
5341 Hidden Pines Dr., Brighton, Michigan 48116

Coming soon.

Improved Reading Netherlands

Marcel Luijendijk
Janseniushof 7
1216 KJ Hilversum
Phone +31 35 6243256

Marcel Luijendijk introduced this successful training in 2002 in the Netherlands. The Dutch version was developed at the end of 2002 in cooperation with the University of Utrecht. Our training effective on screen reading was developed in 2007.

Improved Reading Italy

Maurizio Angelini
Via Eleonora Duse, 7
00197 – Rome
Phone +39 0650781107

Coming soon.

Improved Reading Middle East Region

Executive Skills Training
PO Box 53703
14th Floor, Al-Saqr Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone (971) 4 311 3690
Mail info@qiyadame.com

Executive Skills Training was established in 2003 to market Improved Reading in the Middle East Region (under the brand name Power Reading Skills). The team reached thousands of participants in various sectors such as energy, financial, telecommunication, government, and FMCG. The workshop is offered mainly in English, but it is also available in Arabic.

In 2011 Executive Skills Training merged with FranklinCovey Middle East.

Improved Reading Spain

Compresión Lectora SL
C/ Antoni Sedó 88A
08191 Rubí, Barcelona

Coming soon.

Improved Reading Portugal

Av. Vasco da Gama, 36 A – Quinta do Infanto
2670 – 394 Loures
Phone +351 21 9828494

Coming soon.

Improved Reading Hungary

Tamas Glatz
Boróka ’95 Bt
Ürömi u. 40.
H-1023 Budapest
Phone +36 20 938 8848
Mail info(at)proread.hu

Based on the English version, the Hungarian course was developed by Tamas Glatz in 2007 and being continuously refined ever since.

Improved Reading Centres South Africa

Karen Deavall
P.O. Box 90517
Phone +27 (0)828542224
Fax +27 (0)865167630
Mail kdeavall(at)mweb.co.za

Coming soon.

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Please contact us at info(at)improved-reading.com.

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