Why Improved Reading?

Improved Reading is the market leader in adult reading courses for professionals and students. Our concept has been globally and continuously optimised over the last 40 years.

Why Improved Reading?What makes Improved Reading so special is our compact, practice-oriented and logically structured training concept for eliminating the bad reading habits that people have been using for most of their lives. Instead of simply focusing on speed reading, it shows participants how reading at a faster rate also improves comprehension. The course exercises, some of which are performed with a special piece of apparatus, are designed for intensive eye movement training during the reading process.

What distinguishes Improved Reading from other reading courses?
Our USPs:

No “Diagonal Reading” and no “Speed Reading”: the focus is on reading the entire text
Scientifically proven and substantiated course content
Certified effective reading rate for precise documentation of progress
Streamlined courses: no idle time, designated breaks
Regular comprehension tests (eight in total)
Patented rate controller as training apparatus
Courses in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hungarian
Free post-course support

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