Effective Reading Rate

Measurable reading improvements

effective reading rateImproved Reading is the only course provider to measure effective reading rate before and after the course. Effective reading rate is calculated with the objective parameters of

Reading Speed (words per minute)
x Comprehension (%)
= Effective Reading Rate (words per minute)

In German speaking countries, the average effective reading rate is 110 wpm. 80% of the people who attend Improved Reading courses more than double their effective reading rate. On average, our course participants have an effective reading rate of 440 at the end of the course! Check your effective reading rate!

Recruitment criterion

We certify our course participants’ effective reading rate at the end of the course. An increasing number of companies and recruitment service providers are today already using effective reading rate as a recruitment criterion.

The majority of our courses are booked as in-house courses by well-known clients such as KPMG, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank and the European Parliament. This shows just how much value these significant employers attach to employee reading skills.

Your effective reading rate after an Improved Reading course will set you apart from other colleagues/ candidates and confirm that you are an above average performer in a the core skill of reading.

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