Guaranteed success

You have to work hard to be successful! That’s a principle that applies to school, university, work and Improved Reading. At Improved Reading, we guarantee an improvement in reading efficiency to everyone who works with us and does the prescribed reading exercises.

Practically none of the more than 20,000 people who attended Improved Reading courses in Germany since 2002 went away without an objectively measurable improvement. Almost without exception, all participants also subjectively perceive a marked improvement.

82% of all people who attended courses more than doubled their effective reading rate. 33% actually tripled it.

Corporate clients: satisfaction or money back

Most corporate clients want to know whether our in-house Improved Reading courses will bring about the desired improvement and whether their staff will be interested in participating. That’s why Improved Reading offers in-house pilot courses for corporate clients and organisations.

You only pay if you are satisfied.

guaranteed success

University courses: at least double the effective reading rate

We provide regular follow-up workshops for Improved Reading university course participants in several cities. The workshops give them the opportunity to check their effective reading rate again and brush up their reading skills.

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