How I can read efficiently?

The brain can read faster than the eyes

The brain can read faster than eyesThe human brain can process around 800 to 1,000 words per minute. People who use classic reading techniques can only read 200 words a minute on average. As a result, their brain is only using 25% of its functional capacity, their mind wanders and they don’t fully concentrate on the text.

Reading faster improves concentration. The brain receives a faster flow of information and the reader remains focused on the task. That’s why our comprehension is the same or better when we read faster! The correlation between concentration and reading rate is scientifically proven.

You can only change bad habits by learning new ones

Simply knowing that you make reading mistakes won’t stop you making them. You have to learn new ones that replace the old and inefficient ones. Our training methods permanently modify your eye processes during reading and eliminate the bad reading habits that you have been using for years.

How I can read more efficiently?

People often continue to apply the reading techniques that they learned in primary school such as

  • reading word for word,
  • sub-vocalisation,
  • re-reading sections of text that were missed as a result of the mind wandering off.

These bad reading habits put a break on how fast we can read and reduce our level of text comprehension. If we are to read more efficiently we have to eliminate the barriers to reading progress.

Dynamic eye processes

A comparison of eye processes:
Processes before the Improved Reading course are shown in red and include individual word fixation, regression and all the other bad reading habits.
Processes after the Improved Reading course are shown in green and denote a clearly higher reading rate.

Targeted reading

Efficient reading doesn’t always mean spending less time reading. Not all texts are equally important. That’s why efficient readers initially scan the text to see how important it is and then, if appropriate, take a more in-depth look at its content in a several-stage process.

You may have to invest the same amount of time in an important text as you would have before you learned more efficient reading techniques. There are several stages to this process which deepen the reader’s understanding of the text and are essential for information retention.

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