Learn new reading techniques

Eliminate ingrained habits and learn new techniques

Our course is divided into two parts. In the first part, we help you to get rid of ingrained habits that are detrimental to comprehension, concentration and reading efficiency. In the second part, we focus on teaching and practicing new techniques that considerably improve your text comprehension and information retention.

Measurable improvements

The main aim of our courses is to improve reading efficiency. Unlike many other courses, Improved Reading measures improvement in terms of both effective reading rate and text comprehension:

600 wpm x 40% comprehension = effective reading rate of 240
450 wpm x 80% comprehension = effective reading rate of 360

At the end of the course, participants know exactly what their effective reading rate improvement is. Almost all of them double their effective reading rate and the average improvement factor is 2.7.

Learn new reading techniques

The Rate Controller is a tool that we developed to encourage dynamic eye processes and sustain reading pace. It shows course participants what they are capable of and prevents them from reverting back to bad reading habits.

The time just flew by!

Almost 80% of the course content consists of practical exercises. Ingrained detrimental reading habits are eliminated and more dynamic eye processes that improve reading efficiency are learned. Group dynamics and a shared objective motivate course participants to achieve significant improvements. Typical comments from people who have attended the course are, “It was fun”, “Time just flew by!”, “I had no idea I could improve that much in such a short time”.

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