Will I still enjoy reading?

More reading enjoyment!

Will I still enjoy reading? Yes!The dynamic reading processes that are taught in Improved Reading courses sharpen the reader’s concentration and prevent the mind from wandering off, making light reading such as newspaper articles, travel reports and novels even more interesting.

One course participant commented: “It feels like somebody has switched a movie from slow motion to regular speed“.

You can still use the old techniques

You don’t have to read every single text efficiently! And you won’t forget your old reading techniques.

You can (and should) continue using the old techniques to read complex novels and poems that include symbolic words and phrases or rhyming sentences.

More time, less stress

Know the feeling? You’d like to read a text or magazine or book or whatever, but you put it aside because you don’t have the time. Then your “to read” pile grows and grows until even just looking at it makes you feel guilty.

If you read more efficiently, you’ll be less daunted by mountains of reading material. You’ll be more likely to read things straight away and you’ll be able to get through them faster. What’s more, you’ll start to enjoy reading again!

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