Inhouse Training

Most employees spend one quarter of their work hours assimilating written information. We read for between 1.5 and 2 hours every day at work. We have to read files, reports, e-mails, concepts, specialist magazines and websites, selecting and remembering key content as the basis for informed decisions.

Business enterprises and organisations both have vast potential to improve their efficiency through improving their employees’ reading skills. You only have to read 25% more efficiently to gain more than 10 work days every year.

With the volume of information increasing by 30% every year, we can only cope by using techniques that reduce the time spent on reading but do not impair or can have a positive impact on comprehension. Improved Reading offers immediate, lasting and measurable improvements.

Reading 25% more efficiently saves over 10 workdays

Companies and organisations use different forms of written information in both printed and electronic format and handle them in different ways. The inhouse courses that we develop are tailored to your employees’ needs. We will be happy to present our course concept to you and your decision-making bodies at your premises without any obligation on your part. Use the enquiry form or contact us by e-mail.

There’s absolutely no risk for you. Your company or organisation only pays for a pilot course if you are satisfied.

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