Webcoached Training

“webcoached” is the new online course from Improved Reading, the most successful reading efficiency training concept in the world. The webcoached course is special because participants are supported throughout by an experienced Improved Reading trainer.

The trainer monitors progress, answers questions, motivates and provides valuable advice and support. An internal e-mail system is used to give regular feedback on progress and individual improvement potential to every “webcoached” course participant.

Like the Improved Reading classroom-based courses, “webcoached“ was developed to improve the reading efficiency of entire teams while catering to each participant’s individual development needs.

During the course timeframe, all course participants can study whenever they like at times that suit their schedule.Since there’s no need to install any software on your computer for “webcoached”, you can log into the course from any location with internet access using your web browser. As a result, “webcoached” offers maximum flexibility for optimum results.

The “webcoached” course units are clearly structured and include a variety of texts,
images, videos and animations. All exercises and tests can be completed on screen, though some can be optionally done on paper. All course participants’ results are automatically documented in the system.

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